About us

East-West Gym & Fitness brings you the best in personal training that the Northern Virginia region has to offer. If you've tried the other fad gyms and are not seeing the results that you should EW may be for you
Lead trainer Asim Hanif has trained professional fighters who've appeared on HBO, ShoTime, ESPN, and other major networks. Asim is equally adept at training professional althletes as welll as non competitors who are interested in weight loss and physical conditioning.
Recognizing that each person has their own unique abilities and challenges is a core principle that we operate by.The training here is intense but you will definitely get the results you seek if you put in the work.
We specialize in functional training based largely on boxing and kickboxing.


You can reach us at info @ east-westgym.com

Our business is located at 44710 Cape Ct. #138, loading dock entrance.